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Light Slate Random Size Garden Park Pavers

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    Products: Light Slate Random Size Garden Park Pavers

    Size: random sizes

    Recommend:Usage: roadway, sidewalk, green fields,garden, park ETC


1. Using for: Granite and basalt cobblestone pavers for Patio, Walkway, Garden road and Plaza, Landscaping.

2. finished: Honed, Flamed, Splitfaced, Picked, Bush hammered, Chiseled, Sawn cut, Sandblasted, Mushroom, Tumbled

3. The main color is red, black, yellow, grey, pink, dark grey.

4. Cube Stone Common size: 9x9x6cm, 9x9x9cm, 10x10x10, 10x10x5cm, 15x30x5, 14x21x6cm or as clients specification.


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